Patient Testimonials

David MacKinnon

"My experience is very good. My back is not sore in the AM or when I am walking around, no more pain."

Rick MacDonald

"My back seems to have improved greatly. She (Dr. Fortin) is very good at her job and very friendly"

Sarah VanPopta

"Dr. Fortin responded quickly and compassionately when I suffered severe back pain while on vacationing on PEI this summer. She took the time to listen to the problem and expertly adjusted my back. Within three treatments I was feeling like a new person, able enjoy the rest of our vacation. I remain grateful for her care and encourage anyone on the Island to seek her out for their chiropractic care! She is the best of both - a kind caregiver and an expert in her craft."

Anonymous Practice Member

"Before coming to Meadow Chiropractic Clinic, I didn't really understand the full extend of chiropractic care. Not only do I feel better physically, but I feel as though I have a better understanding of how my body works and moves. I always looked forward to the relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff at my appointments!"